A golden rule for reading scientific literature

Documents to read

Archibald was reading the famous paper The silence of the Bluebirds, in hopes of finding interesting information for his thesis. There he found a great reference, a book called Bluebirds and Redbirds. The never ending fight. He started to read that book and came across an essential sounding reference, Bluebirds. From the origins to the present day. Now he was hoping to eventually find decisive content for his research. But he realized that he couldn’t understand that text without reading first Yellowbird and Yellowfish. A constant struggle for life. So he started to read that paper and again he came across a new reference. Read more →

6 tricks to tame your inner critic

the inner critic

As soon as Gertrude writes a sentence, she hears an inner voice who says: no, this is too stupid, you cannot write this; or she sees mentally her supervisor’s sacarstic face. She deletes the sentence, tries another one. Again, this is ridiculous, delete it immediatly. Again, she wipes it out. After having tried several sentences, the inner voice becomes louder: you’ll never get it done. It is too difficult for you. You are uncapable. What a shame! Read more →