4 steps to design your outline

One of the most challenging phases of the writing process is probably the outline of your thesis.  Actually everything is interesting, important, worse to be told. The problem is that you cannot tell everything. You will lose yourself and, by the way, get your reader lost. Less is more. Rather concentrate on one specific goal and keep your goal in mind while choosing what to leave apart and what to focus on. This article aims to help you to design clear chapters breaking down the huge “mountain” thesis using a simple – but powerful – technique. Read more →

One technique to stay motivated

The to-do list of a PhD student is usually full of tasks – some of them are essential, some of them secondary…lots of them, superfluous. In order to reach you goals, you need to set goals that you can reach. If you set unachievable goals, you will waste time, energy – and lose motivation. But when you achieve a goal, you will boost your motivation and your self-confidence. This article shows you a technique to set reachable goals. Read more →