​Save time and retain more by reading scientific literature

Online course for ​doctoral students

Gratis from Wednesday 2 to Sunday 6 January 2019

If you feel overwhealmed by the amount of texts you need to read...

If you forget what you have read...

If your reading is too slow ....

If you don't know how to take notes to use them for future writings...


Take this reading course!
Invest 8 hours and read quicker to retain more.

A project-based reading course for PhD students

This online course is specially designed for PhD students. It offers ways to get effective working habits.

It is project-based: you will work on your own research project using your own scientific literature.

  • Increase motivation to bring more energy to your readings.
  • Make yourself immune to distractions by deepening focus.
  • Break out the passive reading habits by learning efficient techniques to deal with information.


  • Every morning you will receive one video explaining one exercise.
  • Each exercise session will last from 40 to 90 minutes.
  • You will have acess to a forum (Facebook group) where you can ask questions and share experiences with other participants and me.
  • ​You can do the daily exercise whenever you want during the day.
  • ​Each exercise is additionnally explained in a PDF to download. So you can go back to it later if needed.

A certificate of attendance will be delivered by completion of the course.

What will you learn?

  • Increasing your reading speed
  • Finding information fast
  • Focusing on information you need
  • Recalling information to increase retention
  • Defining clear reading goals
  • Designing a strategic reading programme
  • Combining reading and writing for better comprehension
  • Structuring your notes for future writing projects

Become a knowleadgeable expert!

Testimonials from former participants

Rachael,  PhD Student- Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Institute of Nanoltechnologies


After completing the training with Martha, I can honestly say that the quality of my day-to-day work as a PhD student has improved.
This course was a game changer! I am so much more efficient in reading, setting realistic goals, and finding the important sections of the text!
It has saved me from wasting invaluable time and energy. I think that at the end of my PhD, I will still say the most important decision I made during my research was to enroll in this course!

​Naji Salah-Eddine, ​Doctoral student in Finance , Casablanca, Morocco

To end the loneliness, try this revolutionary experience

... now that I attended this course, I have acquired many tools to refocus my approach and my efforts. I learned a lot of techniques of reading and synthesize information.   Read more...                                                                                                                                                                  


​Qendresa,  PhD student in Anthropology, Lyon

now I can get the best out of MYSELF

Her workshop was very useful and of high quality. I learned different reading techniques, and lots of other ideas how to make the best for my PhD. It makes you aware of your working habits so you learn to become more reflective and work cleverly.    Read more...                                                                                                                                                                        

​Marcela Contreras Cruz, ​1st year PhD student in Management ,​ ​University of Montpellier ​

boosting my reading skills also boosts my writing skills!​​​​​

I was very surprised and glad with the result from the second day exercise (recalling information). I have realized many things. First, I had lacked confidence in myself to recall information from my readings and use it in writing. In this exercise, I followed the instructions and didn't look at my notes from the previous one. As a result i got 392 words written in the 1st ten minutes and 397 in the 2nd, for a total of 789 words in only 20 minutes of work! It's definitely more than I have accomplished in a regular day of work at the office! So my second discovery was that boosting my reading skills also boosts my writing skills.  Read more...

EL OUADRASSI, ​Doctoral student in Materials Science, Tangier, Morocco

​I highly recommend any PhD student to take this course. Instructive, clever, clear, helpful​

​​At the beginning of this week I was quite lost in terms of how to face all those scientific papers I had to read, and how to find the most important and relevant information within them. I spent so many hours reading everything and get stuck in the details, and at the end I didn't get the main purpose of that article or chapter. So motivation started to fade away, and if motivation fades, your research won't progress, and then you're over.  Read more...                                                                                                                                                                        

​​Yu ZHANG, ​Doctoral student in Materials Science, Lyon.


​​One big challenge in reading scientific literature for me is efficiency. I couldn't read fast and I often lost track of what I had read, so my bibliography was not systematic. After this course, I feel that I can already read faster and my research subject is also more clear to me.
The course is really helpful in many ways. Primarily, it helps improve reading efficiency. I learnt different techniques for reading difficult papers, reading a few related articles at a time, reading for a specific piece of information, etc. We don't need to read everything and we don't need to read everything so carefully simply because we can't. Learning these techniques helps us read for the need. Of course, it's more efficient. ​Read more...                                                                                                                                                                        

Meriem, ​Doctoral student in Mining Environment, Rabat, Morocco

​ ​I was in a dark tunnel and she gave me a torch to walk forward

​As a first-year PhD student, I started my research by collecting scientific articles and books related to my research field. However, with their increasing number, I found myself confused as I didn’t know how I should read all of them efficiently. Luckily, I found Ms Martha’s workshop and it helped me a lot. Read more...                                                                                                                                                                        

Mohamed Nadour​, ​Doctoral student in ​Electrical Engineering at the Higher National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Rabat, Morocco

dealing with tons of papers seems no longer to be an overwhelming ​task

​In addition to everything that has already been said, what I like the most about this course is that dealing with tons of papers seems no longer to be an overwhelming and a stressful task. In fact, with the techniques that has been shown throughout the courses it sounds like having fun.  I've really enjoyed the experience.
The course was clear, concise, complete and accurate. Thank you Ms Martha for your time and effort, and for being such an amazing person.

​Aziz RACHID, ​Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and​ 2nd year​Doctoral student at Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Morocco


​I followed with great enthusiasm your course during the five days. I find it very interesting and very useful. I admit that you have a great educational touch. Thanks to this course, you will be able to render a great service to doctoral students from all over the world, the majority of whom have difficulties to reorganize their reading and scientific research.
I can not find the words to thank you for all your efforts. You are very helpful, thank you so much dear MARTHA.