Welcome to ‘Boost your reading skills’!

Information about the course

The course starts tomorrow

  • Every morning at 6.00 (Berlin time) you will receive one lesson (a video explaining an exercise to do).
  • Each exercise session will last from 40 to 90 minutes.
  • You will have acess to a forum (Facebook group) where you can ask questions and share experiences with other participants and me.
  • ​You can do the daily exercise whenever you want during the day.
  • As far as possible, do one lesson/day.
  • ​Each exercise is additionnally explained in a PDF to download. So you can go back to it later if needed.

Material to prepare

  • Materials to write with and on (paper and pen of 4 different colours).
  • 2 big sheets (A3 or A4)
  • A clock alarm
  • 4 texts : during this course, you will practice different reading strategies on your own texts (books or articles) You will need:

+ 1 simple text (not a scientific paper) in your mother tongue – like a novel or a newspaper article (3 A4 pages).

+ 3 scientific texts in the language of your choice (texts you need to read – not written by yourself). Choose chapters or articles with text, not only equations or illustrations. Avoid texts already highlihted or annoted:

  • 1 text you have never read and absolutly want to read. Read the abstract in order to ensure that you really want to read it. The technique you will test helps to read actively, focusing on information you really need.
  • 1 text you have never read and in which you search only 1 piece of information – for example : article A refers to article B. If you want to read B, it is because you expect a piece of information. Bring this article B. Please just read the abstract. We wil l do an exercise to avoid losing track (ant time) starting many articles, jumping from reference to reference.
  • 1 text containing a section (2-5 pages) you need to reread many times before you start to understand it (you should have read it once, no matter if you understood it or not). The technique we will applyhelps to translate a text into a scheme in order to understand and memorise information quickly.

If you don’t have any Facebook account…

You can follow the course as well. But in this case please accept the fact that I will not answer your questions.

If you don’t receive an email…

Some messages get lost.

First check bin & spams.

If there is nothing, ask for help in the Facebook group.

Don’t send me any email, please: I am getting so many at the time that I see them days later.

I am very happy to work with you!

Kind regards,

Martha Boeglin