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The PhD defence – the right mindset

you are an expert

You fear your defence. You are scared of questions you cannot answer. You are aware of all you do not know. You fear criticism from the jury. The idea of being publicly humiliated paralyses you. Change your mindset!

  • 22/11/2020

Writer’s block: nine tips to overcome them when you write your thesis

PhD student suffering writers' block

You know what you want to write, but you’re incapab le to write? The page remains blank? nothing to worry about. This is a writer’s block. Writer’s block is normal. It belongs to the writing process. Specially when you write such challenging text such as a paper or your thesis. This paper explains how to […]

  • 15/09/2019

The PhD diary: one tool to improve your writing skills

Are you suffering from writer’s block? Does structuring ideas  give you a headache? This article gives you some ideas to help you to plan and manage your writing time using an indispensable tool for doctoral students: the PhD diary.

  • 24/04/2018

6 tricks to tame your inner critic while writing your thesis

the inner critic

As soon as Gertrude writes a sentence, she hears an inner voice which says: “No, this is too stupid. You cannot write this,” or she mentally sees her supervisor’s sarcastic face. She deletes the sentence; tries another one. Again, “This is ridiculous, delete it immediately.” Again, she wipes it out. After having tried several sentences, […]

  • 03/07/2017

Design your outline in 4 steps

One of the most challenging phases of the writing process is probably the outline of your thesis.  Actually everything is interesting, important, worse to be told. The problem is that you cannot tell everything. You will lose yourself and, by the way, get your reader lost. Less is more. Rather concentrate on one specific goal […]

  • 06/04/2017