Stop laborious and
time-consuming reading

  • If you feel overwhelmed by your to-read list... 
  • If you get lost into details....    
  • If you forget what you have read...
  • If your reading is time-consuming...
  • If you feel lost in your research...

This online workshop will definitively improve your reading skills.

Invest 12 hours and learn 10 basic techniques
that will save you hundreds of hours!

The objective of this course is to show you, through practical exercises on texts of your choice, 10 key techniques that are essential for successful research: reading, note-taking, memorization and information processing techniques.

You will learn to build a reading strategy in order to progress efficiently in your work.

You don't just learn what to do - you do it!  

Workshop objectives

  • Increase your ability to focus by reading the scientific literature.
  • Select the useful information - and leave the useless without feeling guilty!
  • Improve your memorization skills.
  • Take ownership of the content that matters to you.
  • Generate new ideas from the scientific literature.
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills when dealing with scientific literature.
  • Quickly process the mountain of literature to be read.
  • Manage your time efficiently: stop procrastinating!

Learning outcomes

The amount of information
to be processed
becomes manageable

You know how to select
relevant information - and discard the irrelevant one

You get rid from the fear of missing important information - a fear that slows down reading

You know how to take notes effectively for future writing

You know techniques to curb procrastination

You have developed a strategic research program that allows you to achieve your goals fast and efficiently


  • You work on your own scientific literature.
  • Every day focusses on one reading technique.
  • The exercise of the day is explained step by step on a video.
  • You apply the instructions by reading your text - and you immediately experience the results of a given technique.
  • You work whenever you want during the day.
  • The duration of a session varies from 1h30 to 2h30 approximately, according to the task.
  • Through the daily repetition of organizational rules you transform them into habits, even once the training is over.
  • Content

    Day 1: Read purposefully.

    Stop passive reading – start a constructive dialogue with a text. While reading, you connect new information with information you already know. The effect? You read actively and deeply. You focus on the essentials and leave out the superfluous.  

    Day 2:  Exploit your readings

    Learn how to step back from the text. Mobilize your knowledge to create a new and original text based on your readings, your experiences and your questions.  

    Day 3: Read faster

    With this technique, you will no longer open a lot of texts by randomly jumping from reference to reference - and then not read any of it. You’ll decide beforehand which texts you want to read – and discard the others. You'll focus on what you're really looking for. Better yet, you'll find useful results quickly (usually within 15 minutes).  

    Day 4: Don’t get lost into the details.

    Turn your text into a graph Your brain retains an image better than a word. Learn how to translate text into a diagram for quick understanding and long-term retention. This technique teaches you how to quickly get the essential ideas out of the way before you get into the details. It is a must know if you get lost into details when reading a text. It is helpful for retaining much complex information.  

    Day 5: Design your reading programme.

    Break down your research question into smaller questions and set specific goals for your bibliographical research. Thank to this technique you will group your readings around major themes. For a thorough, efficient and quick reading.  

    Stop laborious and time-consuming reading!

    This workshop will save you hours of unnecessary work.

    It is an investment for your whole life.


    Participants of my other courses
    get 50% off.

    600€ TTC


    Or 2x 320€  or 3x200€


    The course has saved me from wasting invaluable time and energy

    After completing the training, I can honestly say that the quality of my day-to-day work as a PhD student has improved.
    This course was a game changer! I am so much more efficient in reading, setting realistic goals, and finding the important sections of the text!
    It has saved me from wasting invaluable time and energy. I think that at the end of my PhD, I will still say the most important decision I made during my research was to enroll in this course!

    PhD Student- Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Institute of Nanoltechnologies

    I could spend days on the same paper. But now it's a matter of minutes. I quickly identify the important sections and focus on them.

    All the techniques worked for me. I am in my first year and I was wasting a lot of time on the papers trying to understand each of them in depth even if they were not directly related to my research.

    I could spend days on the same paper. But now it's a matter of minutes. I quickly identify the important sections and focus on them.

    Thanks Martha.

    Edmond SANOU
    PhD student in applied mathematics

    Thank you for saving my time!

    I am very happy I decided to participate in your workshop.

    Since the first day I learned and applied your techniques which saved me so much time and which will save me even more time in the future!

    I was not really optimistic if the mind map for solving difficult problem will be useful in my case. I was wrong! Like probably many of us, I have problem with getting too much into the details. Working with limited time allowed me to focus only on the most important things and if I missed some information in my mind map I can now easily insert them. I love it!

    One more time, thank you for saving my time.

    PhD student in Physics, Montpellier

    The right balance within general explanations and practical exercises 

    I strongly recommend Martha's courses, she is able to break down in a very clear way complex methodological tips.

    With her classes, she introduces us in a positive way to the tough challenge of organizing the different aspects of PhD research: a highly needed skill.  

    She provides the right balance between general explanations and practical exercises to facilitate assimilation - all this in a very reasonable amount of time easy to fit in a day's worth of work.

    Clea Hance
    PhD student in Law

    To end the loneliness, try this revolutionary experience! 

    The way Ms Marta simplified the methods gives me a glimmer of hope. Using those methods lead to gains in time, efforts and allow you to make progress. This experience is a unique opportunity to get academic tools that will be useful in a number of ways. I recommend each person to take this course. I would like to thank Ms Martha for the precious time she allows to us.

    Dr. Naji Salah-Eddine
    Casablanca, Morocco


    Participants of my other courses
    get 50% off.

    600€ TTC


    Or 2x 320€  or 3x200€

    Boosting my reading skills also boosts my writing skills!

    I was very surprised and glad with the result from the second day exercise (recalling information). I have realized many things. First, I had lacked confidence in myself to recall information from my readings and use it in writing. In this exercise, I followed the instructions and didn't look at my notes from the previous one. As a result i got 392 words written in the 1st ten minutes and 397 in the 2nd, for a total of 789 words in only 20 minutes of work! It's definitely more than I have accomplished in a regular day of work at the office! So my second discovery was that boosting my reading skills also boosts my writing skills.

    Marcela Contreras Cruz
    PhD student in Management , University of Montpellier

    Martha is like "magician" that can read the mind of a PhD student

    I liked the way how Martha gives her exercises. She is like a “magician” that can read the mind of PhD student. While giving some task she said directly what we should not do and what we should not think. And it was exactly what PhD students have in their mind in that moment. At least me I had, and some others based on their Facebook feedbacks. Afraid to lose important information, reading several times the same article trying to understand it, losing motivation while reading. This course is for you!

    PhD in Biophysics, University of Strasbourg

    I have improved my reading, writing, memorization and organization skills

    The five days online course provided by Martha with a theme "Boost Your Reading Skills" has been really exciting, quite challenging and very informative. In addition, we have access to print resources to help us learn at our pace and do our exercises.
    I have improved my reading, writing, memorization and organization skills. This course has assisted me to progress with my research thesis seamlessly, I therefore recommends to anyone who wish to improve their writing and reading skills.

    PhD student in Energetics/Fire Safety at INSA CVL, Bourges, France


    Participants of my other courses
    get 50% off.

    600€ TTC


    Or 2x 320€  or 3x200€

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