Wrtie your first scientific paper worskhop

You want to write your first scientific paper...

  • If you don’t know how to start…
  • If structuring your thoughts is challenging...
  • If you rewrite the same sentence ten times and still feel unhappy with it…
  • If you copy-paste pieces of texts dans get mad trying to structure them...

Don't worry: this is normal.
Writing a scientific paper  is challenging - even more in a foreign language.

Nevertheless, writing a paper is a matter of structure.

your thoughts

Structuring the
working steps

your time

This course shows you how to design and write your paper step by step.  

The course is project-based. It consists  in a practical implementation of the techniques showed.

In this online course you will work on your own publication project. It is designed to help you step-by-step through the process of creating a research paper.

I will show you step by step how to prepare your paper, how to decide what you want to focus on, how to structure your ideas and how to write a good paper in English, even if English is not your mother tongue.

  • This course helps you to write your first paper.
  • But it will also help you to write other papers and to write your thesis!
  • Writing will not be scaring anymore.
  • You don't only learn what to do - you do it! 

In brief: this course is an investment for your life


#Module 1 :Prepare your paper

  • What makes writing well so difficult? 
  • Why is it so challenging to write a scientific paper?
  • Four main reasons why submitted papers are refused
  • 14 questions to prepare a paper that demonstrates the value of your research

#Module 2 : Write the story to be told in your paper

  • 7 key points to build a good story
  • Show the relevance of your research
  • Show your position in your community
  • 5 applications for this story

#Module 3 : Structure your paper

  • Visualise your outline
  • What to do with your outline before you start to write
  • Actions to undertake when you work with co-authors

#Module 4 :  Criteria for selecting  your target journal

  • The journal's scope
  • The target audience
  • The visibility of the journal
  • The publication delay
  • The board members
  • Predatory journals

#Module 5 : Move from the outline to the text

  • A technique to collect ideas and activate passive knowledge
  • A visualisation technique to order your ideas
  • Principles for writing a first draft

#Module 5 : A strategy to improve your first draft

  • Revise the content
  • Write efficient paragraphs
  • Highilght the main ideas of your text

#Module 6 : The elements of style for a scientific paper

  • Write efficient sentences
  • The art of concision
  • Clarity and precision

#Module 7 : Catch your reader's attention

  • 8 tips to write an attractive title
  • Write a good abstract in 40'
  • Example of an abstract: dos & don'ts
A toolbox - write a scientific paper

Bonus: a toolbox

  •  A technique to make more in less time
  • A morning routine to start the day actively
  • The PhD diary – an indispensable tool for researchers
  • Your literature review in three steps 

Accompaniment - an individual session to discuss your project

During 1,5 hour, we discuss your project via Zoom.

We make sure the story you want to tell is demonstrating the value of your research.

We make sure the originality of your work is visible for a busy reader.

I answer all your questions.

And I give you a feedback on your way of writing: what is well done and should be cultivated;
what needs to be improved - and how to improve it to reach your audience.

What participants say about this course

A dense, qualitative and participative course

The course  Writing a scientific paper step by step has helped me beyond my expectations. I have learnt how to organise my time better, find tips to curb procrastination, generate ideas and sorting them, edit my manuscript and market it to my audience.

I came with an abstract, I leave with a skeleton of my article, a first draft of my results, my title, a revised, better abstract and ideas for the literature review and introduction.

Martha is a kind and humorous person who is very eager and meticulous in transmitting her expertise on writing scientifically. She takes all opportunities that the online format offers to make the class interactive and to place students in the position to work on their paper.

She did an amazing job at taking all of us by the hand to help us formulate and structure our paper.

All in all, anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to register should jump at the chance to access such a dense, qualitative and participative course. Thank you again Martha !

Bétina BOUTROUE//  Political sciences - CIRAD, Montpellier

Ready to finish my article

I highly recommend this course for all scientists - juniors as well as seniors - who are expected to produce a written communication of their work: I was able to discover my hidden knowledge, sort it, structure it and perfect it with the tools presented. I now feel finally ready to finish the article that it took me more than 6 months to start. Thank you for everything.

Germain //  PhD  in Human Movement Sciences, Montpellier.

If you do not know the technique, you will never write a perfect paper

I found the Writing your first paper step by step course interesting and helpful for my research papers. After completing the course, I started to revise my research story, narrow down my research question, start drafting a paper I had under hand and write quite confidently. So, I would highly recommend this course for those PhD students who want start writing their papers and thesis. By attending this 20 hrs course you will be able to write without any fears.  

Mohammadullah HAKIM-EBRAHIMI //  Architectural and Material Engineering - IMT Mines Ales/Montpellier

The course is very well structured

I recommend the workshop to all PhD students.

The course will be more useful to those who have done some part of their research and have results available.

The course is very well structured, and it takes a student through the process of paper writing from the scratch. It contains practical tools and techniques to be used. 

What I especially appreciate about the course is that it deals with challenges and usual mistakes students have when starting the writing process and provides easy to be used solutions in addressing them. 

Elma Demir // Researcher and Project Manager 


The whole workshop is on a platform

You have access to the course during 12 months

14 days trial

  • You have 14 days for trying the course.
  • What happens within this period of time if you think the course does not help you to reach your goal?
  • Show me that you have done all the exercises but they did not help you, and I will reimburse you the course fees.

Your investment

  • 7 modules to write your paper from scratch, step by step
  • A toolbox
  • An individual session to discuss your project
  • 12 months access
Price: 600€  
or 2 x 340€ (incl. VAT)
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