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vision & thesis

Formulate achievable goals for your PhD

Every project starts with a vision : you have a picture of what you would like to achieve at the end. Transforming the dream into a goal is challenging and

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you are an expert

The PhD defence – the right mindset

You fear your defence. You are scared of questions you cannot answer. You are aware of all you do not know. You fear criticism from the jury. The idea of

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PhD student suffering writers' block

Writer’s block: nine tips to overcome it when you write your thesis

You know what you want to write, but you’re incapable to write? The page remains blank? Nothing to worry about. This is a writer’s block. Writer’s block is normal. It

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Afraid of missing important information?

The fear of missing important information is one of the first reasons for slow reading. This fear is understandable, but reading slow does not hinder missing important information. This post

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Accountability partners to finish your thesis

Crossing items off your to-do list might be particularly challenging in times of confinment. A frameless time, a flat converted into an individual and/or family office… You need to find

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Itchy eyes ?

In this period of confinement, you probably spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Be careful with your eyes! This post tells you a basic movement your

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