Enhance motivation when you write your thesis

A PhD is a long journey. Usually you rather consider what needs to be done than what you have already achieved. The to-do list becomes every day longer – so that you are seldom aware of all what you have achieved.

‘”What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.” C. S. Lewis

Actually you achieve every day something. Every day, you do a step towards your final goal (getting your Dr titel).  No step is too small: every single step is a step towards your final goal.

Every single step deserves to be celebrated.

It is healthy to realize what you have already achieved.  When you have completed a task, take a break: close your eyes, breath in, deeply, and pride yourself for achieving that task.

Be grateful for each step you take. You will rapidly feel the powerful effect of those celebrations. Your motivation will get enhanced and your self-confidence, empowered.

Start now: what have you accomplished last week that deserves to be celebrated? Close your eyes, breath deeply in and be grateful for the step you took.




  • 12/08/2017

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