Writing a scientific paper step by step


Thank you for booking on the workshop Writing a scientific paper step by step  that will start next Friday.

Please read this message carefully in order to prepare what you will need.

Remember to watch the video before the course (point 6)!


Salle CASSOPIE  – bâtiment 351,  rue Jean PERRIN (5-F on this map)

Access from Paris (direction Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse) – RER B – Station Orsay-Ville  Plan metro-RER.

If you don’t know the campus, please come with advance in order to have time to find the room.

2. SCHEDULE : Friday 16, Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 September 2022

We will work rom 9.30-12.30 & from 1.30-5.00 p.m.

15 minutes breaks are scheduled at the mid-morning and at the mid-afternoon.

Perhaps you can bring a snack: writings makes (sometimes) hungry!

Bring also water to drink, particularly if the weather is hot.

We start next Friday. Please be punctual – we start at 9.30!


This workshop ist project-based. During the workshop, you will work on your own publication project. The course consists in 10% theory and 90% practice. If you have no publication project at the moment, imagine one – or come next year.


  • Pen or pencils in 3 different colours (or more)
  • Laptop is OK but not mandatory. If you bring your laptop, ensure you’ve recharged the battery: there are only few sockets in the room.
  • Scratch paper.
  • If you have a PhD notebook, you can write in it. If you have none, this course is a good opportunity to start one: bring a paper notebook (Size: A4 or A5).  You can find information about the PhD notebook here.


You will download the handouts at the course start. That means that you will need an Internet connexion.

6. VIDEO to watch before course

Watch the video about Internal & extenal languages before course. It contains the only theoretical element of the course. The video lasts about 9 minutes.

Kind regards,

Martha Boeglin – my contact for any case: martha.boeglin@gmail.com

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