Welcome and hello!

You are booked on the Workshop Create a scientific poster people want to stop at that will take place next Tuesday 04 October from 14.00 to 17.00, Paris time.

We will take a 15 minutes break in the mid afternoon.

Please be punctual – we start at 14.00!

Please read this message carefully.

Looking forward to meeting you next Saturday!


This workshop ist project-based. During the workshop, you will work on your own poster.

The workshop consists into 2 parts :

  • a part you will work on your own with videos which guide you step by step in the design of your poster.
  • a part via Zoom : you will meet the other members of the group and me. We will discuss your questions and give a feedback on your poster.

The video course will be available from Monday 3/10 at 18.00 to 26/12.



We meet next Tuesday via Zoom:

  • Tuesday morning from 9.00-9.20: check in (not mandatory, only if you have a question concerning the course).
  • Tuesday afternoon from 14.00-17.00: mandatory.

This is the connection link



Material you need to attend the course

  1. an Internet connexion,
  2. a microphone & headsets (indispensable!)
  3. a room where you can work and talk without disturbing nor being disturbed.
  4. A webcam would be very nice.

Material you need to write

  • 3 A3 pages – or a whiteboard
  • Pen or pencils of 3 different colours
  • If you have a PhD notebook, you can write in it. If you have none, this course is a good opportunity to start one: bring a paper notebook (Size: A4 or A5).  You can find information about the PhD notebook here.


Watch the video about Internal & extenal languages before course. It contains the only theoretical element of the course. The video lasts about 9 minutes.

Kind regards,

Martha Boeglin – my contact for any case: martha.boeglin@scriptoria.org

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