You are booked on the writing workshop  WRITE A GOOD LITERATURE REVIEW STEP BY  STEP I will run from 6 to 9 December 2021.

This message is long. It aims to inform you about how to prepare yourselves for the workshop. So please read it carefully.

Remember to watch the video before the course start (point 6)!

1. Schedule

Working days

Monday 6 to Thursday 9 December.

Working time

From 9h00-12h00 & 13.15-15.15 p.m.

We will take a 15 minutes break in the morning.

We start at 9:00 a.m. – please be punctual!

2. Link & Code

This is the connection link to enter our virtual classroom:


The secret code: 0000.

3. Material you need

For a good communication:

  • a room where you can work and talk without disturbing nor being disturbed.
  • an Internet connexion,
  • a microphone – please ensure it works before course: we need to hear you!
  • a webcam – same remark.

For writing:

  • If you have big sheets (A3 or bigger) prepare 3 pieces. Aternatively, 3 A4 sheets. Alternatively: a whiteboard.
  • 3 coloured pen (for example: red, green, blue).
  • If you have a PhD notebook, you can write in it. If you have none, this course is a good opportunity to start one: bring a paper notebook (Size: A4 or A5). You can find information about the PhD notebook here.
  • A good literature review in your own field.

4. Course handouts

I will give you the course PDF at the course start.

5. Information about the course

This workshop ist project-based.

During the workshop, you will work on your own publication project. If you have no concrete publication project, imagine one…. or come next year.

6. Video to watch before the course

Watch the video about Internal & extenal languages before course. It contains the only theoretical element of the course. The video lasts about 9 minutes.

Kind regards,

Martha Boeglin – my contact for any case: martha.boeglin@scriptoria.org

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