UdM – Write your first paper step by step

Dear students,

Please read this message carefully in order to organise yourself. And remember to watch the video (point 4)! 🙂


The course takes place in a virtual room with ZOOM. This is our connection link: https://zoom.us/j/333376710.

If you’ve never used ZOOM, please click on the link above and install the plugin.

Here you can wath a tutorial about how to proceed – there is no invitation email, the link above is enough.

In case you are not allowed to install any programm on your computer, you can connect with your browser, but some devices will not work.

You need:

  1. an Internet connexion,
  2. a microphone
  3. a room where you can work and talk without disturbing nor being disturbed.
  4. A webcam would be nice but is not indispensable.

Bring materials to write.

  • If you have big sheets (A3 or bigger) prepare 3 pieces. Aternatively, 3 A4 sheets. Alternatively: a whiteboard.
  • 3 coloured pen (for example: red, green, blue).
  • If you have a PhD notebook, you can write in it. If you have none, this course is a good opportunity to start one: bring a paper notebook (Size: A4 or A5). You can find information about the PhD notebook here.


The workshop Write your first paper step by step takes place next week (4-5-6-7-8 Mai).

We will work from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m.. We will take a 15 minutes break in the mid morning.

Please be punctual – we start at 9.00!


This workshop ist project-based. During the workshop, you will work on your own publication project. If you have no concrete publication project, imagine one…. or come next year.


Watch the video about Internal & extenal languages before course. It contains the only theoretical element of the course. The video lasts about 9 minutes.


I will give you the course PDF at the course start.

Kind regards,

Martha Boeglin – my contact for any case: martha.boeglin@gmail.com

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