For many PhD candidates, writing the literature review is a nightmare. How should I order the literature? How should I integrate it into my review? Why am I asked to write a literature review?

The task is even more challenging if the literature review is seen as an exhaustive catalogue of the existing literature - or as a patchwork of citations.

However, a literature review has a specific architecture.

When you understand the logic of this architecture, you understand the logic of
the literature review and ordering your ideas is not that challenging anymore: 

you see the structure of your text.

However, if properly done, the literature review exercise is beneficial in many ways:

You get an overview of the current scientific issues in your field

You know how to select and order the literature

You find your position
in your scientific community

You know how to exploit others’ works to show the scientific necessity of your own research

Writing a good literature review is a matter of organisation.

This workshop aims to help you build your literature review. It is project-based: you work constantly on your own literature review, writing your text step by step.

You don't just learn what to do - you do it.

This course helps you lay the foundation of your literature review. More concretely, it shows you how to...

  • Structure your literature review.
  • Write the main parts of your review.
  • Select the literature you need.
  • Exploit the scientific literature to write a good literature review.
  • Critically engage with the position of different authors.
  • Use the literature review to show the necessity of your own research.


Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will have gone beyond the critical stage at the beginning - you will have started your literature review.

  • You know how to classify the relevant literature.
  • You know how to critically and analytically engage with the positions of others – and how to critically position your own work
  • You have elaborated your own writing strategy : you know writing techniques to generate and structure ideas
  • You know how to overcome writer’s block
  • You know how to organize your time in order to curb procrastination
  • You know writing tools you can apply for your other writing projects
  • You know how to use efficiently the time available for your writing projects


#Module 1 : How to prepare your literature review

  • The different objectives of a literature review
  • The basic architecture of a literature review
  • Take stock of your subject
  • Determine your target reader

#Module 2 : How to structure your literature review 

  • Choose your focus
  • Visualize your outline for a good overview
  • Emphasize the logical progression of your thoughts
  • Create a thesis statement

#Module 3 : How to classify the literature

  • Order your literature with a synoptic table
  • Criteria for selecting the relevant literature
  • Be critical in the presentation of texts
  • Ask the right questions to map your sources

#Module 4 :  How to move from the outline to the text

  • The dangerous method: wanting to write it right the first time
  • Strategies for writing quickly a first draft
  • Divide your text into structured paragraphs
  • Critically engage with the position of different authors

#Module 5 : How to emphasize the value of your literature review

  • Introductions: embed your review in its scientific context
  • Draw clear conclusions
  • Show the scientific stakes of your review
  • Three major mistakes to avoid

Teaching method

The writing workshop alternates:

  • Individual work: step by step, you elaborate your literature review.
  • At the end of

Individual work: step by step, you elaborate your literature review.

At the end of 

Target audience

This workshop is for you if….

  • You want to start to write your literature review during the workshop
  • You already know – at least partially - the literature on your topic

It is not for you if...

  • You have just started your thesis 3 months ago
  • You are not familiar yet with the scientific literature on your topic


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