THE COURSE has saved me from wasting invaluable time and energy

After completing the training, I can honestly say that the quality of my day-to-day work as a PhD student has improved. 
This course was a game changer! I am so much more efficient in reading, setting realistic goals, and finding the important sections of the text! 
It has saved me from wasting invaluable time and energy. I think that at the end of my PhD, I will still say the most important decision I made during my research was to enroll in this course! 

Rachael,  PhD Student- Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Institute of Nanoltechnologies

To end the loneliness, try this revolutionary experience

Start preparing a PHD, is to undertake a long journey. Dealing with many articles and books is not something easy, especially when you do both, having a full time job and preparing PHD. That requires vast amounts of commitment in terms of mental effort and time. After a while under the pressure and stress. I feel lost without any visibility or targets.  But now that I attended this course, I have acquired many tools to refocus my approach and my efforts. I learned a lot of techniques of reading and synthesize information.

In fact, Ms Marta is the captain that governs the ship until destination. The way she simplified the methods gives me a glimmer of hope. In fact, using those methods lead to gains in time, efforts and allow you to make progress. This experience is a unique opportunity to get academic tools that will be useful in a number of ways. 

Naji Salah-Eddine Phd student in Finance , Casablanca, Morocco

ILIAS, PhD student in Biomass Combustion, Rabat, Morocco 

I feel now more than satisfIED about my efficiency in reading MY scientific papers

 In 5 days I learned a lot of tips and methods that helped me to organize and clarify my work, and I feel now more than satisfied about my efficiency in reading my scientific papers, it is really a very interesting course, I recommend it for all the PhD students, 5 days can make you feel the difference and helps you to make your work strategy more efficient.   Read more...                                                                                                                                                                 

If you do not know the technique, you will never write a perfect paper

I found the Writing your first paper step by step course interesting and helpful for my research papers. After completing the course, I started to revise my research story, narrow down my research question, start drafting a paper I had under hand and write quite confidently. So, I would highly recommend this course for those PhD students who want start writing their papers and thesis. By attending this 20 hrs course you will be able to write without any fears.  

Mohammadullah HAKIM-EBRAHIMI //  Architectural and Material Engineering - IMT Mines Ales/Montpellier

Ready to finish my article

I highly recommend this course for all scientists - juniors as well as seniors - who are expected to produce a written communication of their work: I was able to discover my hidden knowledge, sort it, structure it and perfect it with the tools presented. I now feel finally ready to finish the article that it took me more than 6 months to start. Thank you for everything.

Germain //  PhD student in human movement sciences, Montpellier.

Meriem, PhD student in Mining Environment, Rabat, Morocco

I was in a dark tunnel and she gave me a torch to walk forward

If you are a PhD student, this workshop is for you. While taking this course, you will not only acquire techniques to deal with scientific literature, but you will also learn some tips that will become helpful in your academic career.Last but no least, I would like to thank Ms Martha for giving us the opportunity to improve our reading skills. It’s like I was in a dark tunnel and she gave me a torch to walk forward. I’ve really enjoyed the experience. Wish you all the best. Read more...                                                                                                                                                                        

Lesia, PhD in Biophysics, University of Strasbourg

Martha is like a “magician” that can read the mind of A PhD student

I highly recommend PhD students to join this course. Yes, you need some time to do it, and PhD students never have time, but if you are reading my text till this point, means you can find time to do this course, it’s worth it! You will see how later you will save your time thanks to tips and tricks learnt during this course. Particularly I liked the way how Martha gives her exercises. She is like a “magician” that can read the mind of PhD student. While giving some task she said directly what we should not do and what we should not think. And it was exactly what PhD students have in their mind in that moment. At least me I had, and some others based on their Facebook feedbacks. Afraid to lose important information, reading several times the same article trying to understand it, losing motivation while reading. This course is for you!   Read more...                                                                                                                                                                 

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