Itchy eyes ?

In this period of confinement, you probably spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Be careful with your eyes! This post tells you a basic movement your eyes forget to do in front of a screen.

Blinking is vital for healthy eyes

During a lively discussion, you blink your eyes about 22 times per minute.

When you read from paper (auf Papier), blinking is reduced to 10-12 times per minute.

In front of a screen, blinking is even more reduced, to 3-6 times per minute.

Gaming on a smartphone often reduces blinking to less than once a minute.

Actually, blinking is vital for your eyes: blinking moistens, nourishes and cleans your eyes.

Insufficient blinking causes eye fatigue: they turn red, itchy, and dry – in the long term, at the cost of vision.

So, when you read from a screen, take breaks regularly, at least once an hour – at least for a couple of minutes.

Your eyes need breaks

During these breaks, you can …

  • Close your eyes – shelter them from harsh computer light – darkness relaxes them.
  • Look at a distant object: eye muscles are tense in near vision, while distance relaxes them.
  • Move your eyes by tracking a ball that you throw from one hand to the other –even better, play with somebody or with your pen.
  • Vary the distances: I look to my hand, then at the wall 1m away, then a tree outside at 5m, the sky. Then, I go back: the tree, the wall, my hand, and I start again. Movements, minimise screen time, relax the eyes, and liven them up – you blink more.

Take care of your eyes!

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